1. Ceramic Cutting, Grinding, Polishing ToolsCeramic products undergo various machining processes, including cutting, grinding, and polishing. In order to produce high quality ceramic products, all machining operations after sintering and fabricating should be carried out using high precision diamond tools.
    1. Stone Cutting, Grinding ToolsMonte-Bianco provides wire saws, rock saws and gang saws for cutting stone into coarse slates. We also provide targeted saw blades and grinding tools for future cutting and grinding processes in a variety of sizes for customers to choose from.
    1. Refractory Material Cutting, Grinding ToolsMonte-Bianco has developed a variety of cutting and grinding tools, as well as other processing tools for specific and refractory materials. We offer the best products to help our customers improve production efficiency and lower product consumption. Please do not hesitate to contact us about customization services or for more information.
    1. Precision Metal Machining ToolsMonte-Bianco has developed a variety of metal machining tools for different precision metal processing applications. After extensive experience, we have developed machining tools with a minimum tolerance that have improved efficiency, saved money, led to less waste, and ensures the maximum accuracy for precision metal machining.
    1. Glass Grinding, Polishing ToolsAfter a whole piece of glass is produced, there are some post processes needed, like grinding, cutting, punching and etc. Monte-Bianco can provide many glass processing tools including diamond grinding wheel, diamond cutting tools, resin bond diamond wheel, polishing wheel and so on. We also provide custom made products with any wanted sizes.
    1. Diamond Saw BladeMonte-Bianco provides high quality diamond saw blades used for cutting of concrete walls, bridges, and other concrete construction applications. We also offer saw blade customization services according to specific customer requirements.

Monte-Bianco, is a recognized name in super abrasives and diamond tool production. We have diamond saw blades, grinding wheels, and polishing wheels. Combining innovative technologies, we hold dozens of patented designs, helping customers with solutions in ceramic tile grinding and polishing, marble and granite cutting, refractory brick cutting and grinding, metal machining, glass grinding and polishing, as well as concrete cutting.